Corporate Legal Services

Whether you are looking to start up a new company, maintain an existing company, or reorganize your companies, we can help you. From simple incorporations to complex restructuring, we deal with virtually all aspects of corporate law for private companies.

In cooperation with accountants throughout British Columbia and Alberta, we diligently maintain our clients’ companies and carefully execute changes to corporate structures. We work hard to:

  1. limit liability,
  2. optimize our client’s tax position, and
  3. allow our clients to always maintain control over their company.

Our corporate law practice includes:

  • incorporations
  • corporate maintenance
  • amalgamations, and reorganizations
  • shareholders agreements
  • partnerships
  • family trusts

Incorporations – we set up the structure of companies and establish how they will be governed. Based on years of experience, we are able to create a company that is very flexible and able to function effectively no matter how big or small.

Corporate Maintenance – we maintain approximately 1,000 companies with annual report filings, record book maintenance, and ongoing corporate governance.

Amalgamations and Reorganizations – we work with directors, shareholders, and accountants to change corporate structures and streamline business operations, limit tax liabilities, and alter the governance of the companies.

Shareholders Agreements – we ensure there is clarity in the relationship between shareholders and well-defined lines of obligations to the company and each other. This helps avoid disputes within a company and, if conflicts do arise, allows for settlement with limited damage to the company.

Partnerships – the arrangement and operation of joint ventures between individuals or companies can be clarified and formalized through partnerships.

Family Trusts – preserve and manage income and assets for a specific purpose such as educating children or caring for someone with special needs or simply for improved tax planning.

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